Saturday, December 6, 2008

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Friday, December 5, 2008

MehMeh Christmas~! :D

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Match The Mehs - A Mehmory Game

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Itchy 痒

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dear The Mehs fans & supporters,

Do you have a blog or website that you want to link it with us?
If yes, simply put The Mehs link on your blog or website using either The Mehs blog name "The Mehs" or one of The Mehs blog logo images (you can get it at the right column of The Mehs blog under "Link Us Mehs"), and drop me an email ( with your blog name and url. I will list you on The Mehs blog under "Mehs Fans & Supporters".

Thank you for your continuous support.

Have a nice meh day~! :)

From: Meh Meh

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The Mehs' Profile

Fourth elder among the mehs siblings
Birthday: 05/04 生日:05/04
Gender: Male 性别:男
Horoscope: Aries 星座:白羊
Height: 1.45m 身高:1.45m
Weight: 43kg 体重:43kg
Love: Daydreaming, count sheep at night, marshmallow
喜欢:做白日梦, 在晚上数绵羊, 药属葵
Hate: Mutton food, mosquito
讨厌:羊肉食品 , 蚊子

Grandpa of the mehs family 爷爷
Birthday: 08/02 生日:08/02
Gender: Male 性别:男
Horoscope: Aquarius 星座:水瓶 Height: 1.34m 身高:1.34m
Weight: 39kg 体重:39kg
Love: Play Playstation and online game, show off his golden tooth, rocking chair
喜欢:玩游戏站和网络游戏, 炫耀他的金牙, 摇椅
Hate: To get bored

Grandma of the mehs family 奶奶
Birthday: 29/06 生日:29/06
Gender: Female 性别:女
Horoscope: Cancer 星座:巨蟹 Height: 1.28m 身高:1.28m
Weight: 36kg 体重:36kg
Love: Knitting, taking care of plants, collect antique grandfather clocks
喜欢:编毛衣,照顾植物, 收藏旧式的祖父钟
Hate: Insects and pests

Papa of the mehs family 爸爸
Birthday: 25/12 生日:25/12
Gender: Male 性别:男
Horoscope: Capricorn 星座:磨羯 Height: 1.75m 身高:1.75m
Weight: 90kg 体重:90kg
Love: His sheep clothing shop
Hate: Getting bald like YE MEH

Mama of the mehs family 妈妈
Birthday: 09/08 生日:09/08
Gender: Female 性别:女
Horoscope: Leo 星座:狮子 Height: 1.40m 身高:1.40m
Weight: 40kg 体重:40kg
Love: Shopping, buying cosmetic, mascara, research on beauty tips
喜欢:购物,买化妆品, 染眉毛, 研究美容秘诀
Hate: Hot weather, hot spicy food
讨厌:炎热天气, 火辣食物

Eldest among the mehs siblings 在咩家庭排行老大
Birthday: 17/05 生日:17/05
Gender: Male 性别:男
Horoscope: Taurus 星座:金牛 Height: 1.92m 身高:1.92m
Weight: 88kg 体重:88kg
Love: Gym, eat grass, help those mehs in need
喜欢:健身, 吃草, 路见不平拔刀相助
Hate: Injustice act

Second elder among the mehs siblings 在咩家庭排行老二
Birthday: 13/11 生日:13/11
Gender: Female 性别:女
Horoscope: Scorpio 星座:天蝎 Height: 1.48m 身高:1.48m
Weight: Unknown 体重:不明
Love: Eat food especially tidbit and dessert
Hate: Those mehs who waste food, housefly
讨厌:浪费食物的羊群们, 家蝇

Third elder among the mehs siblings 在咩家庭排行老三
Birthday: 02/09 生日:02/09
Gender: Female 性别:女
Horoscope: Virgo 星座:处女 Height: 1.31m 身高:1.31m
Weight: 36kg 体重:36kg
Love: Reading, writing, library, bookstore
喜欢:阅读, 写作, 图书馆, 书店
Hate: Noisy place

Youngest among the mehs siblings 在咩家庭排行老么
Birthday: 06/06 生日:06/06
Gender: Male 性别:男
Horoscope: Gemini 星座:双子 Height: 0.66m 身高:0.66m
Weight: 5kg 体重:5kg
Love: Pacifier, move and stack things, crawling roundabout
喜欢:奶嘴, 般和堆叠东西, 围著爬
Hate: Paper plane, yellow rubber duckie
讨厌:子飞机, 黄塑胶鸭

SI MEH’s best buddy 四咩的好死党
Birthday: 03/12 生日:03/12
Gender: Male 性别:男
Horoscope: Pisces 星座:双鱼 Height: 1.79m 身高:1.79m
Weight: 71kg 体重:71kg
Love: Act cool and handsome especially in front of girls, sunglasses and punk wear
喜欢:耍酷耍帅(尤其是在女孩子们的面前更加严重) ,太阳眼镜,奇特摇滚服装
Hate: Shout his name in the public

SI MEH’s admirer 四咩倾慕的人
Birthday: 01/10 生日:01/10
Gender: Female 性别:女
Horoscope: Libra 星座:天秤 Height: 1.39m 身高:1.39m
Weight: 38kg 体重:38kg
Love: Nature
Hate: -

Birthday: - 生日:-
Gender: - 性别:-
Horoscope: - 星座:-
Height: 0.70m 身高:0.70m
Weight: - 体重:-
Love: -
Hate: -
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